Welcome to the weekend - well, the middle of it - in the UK anyway!
I have made a surprise episode! I have been doing them monthly in the past year so this one is a leetle early, I just found some absolute belters I thought I would have a productive weekend and grace your ears with all the delights I have found. 

Straight in with the tough stuff- quite techy this time around - MaRLo can stay, what a whopper with Darkside. Not much in to what he has been churning out recently until this BEAST! LOVE LOVE LOVE... Some epic uplifters in here and some classics too - ending with a small tradition I seem to have built in to the past few eps, something from the man Scot Project - his remix of Universal Music! 

Enjoy guys... 

1] Corty - Scrape (Original Mix)
2] Gareth Emery & Ben Gold - Until We Meet Again (Original Mix)
3] Brian Kearny & Will Atkinson - The Game Changer (Original Mix)
4] Chris Bekker - Goldelse (Original Mix)
5] Alex Daf & Iversoon - Atom (Original Mix)
6] MaRLo - Darkside (Original Mix)
7] Naturalize - Deep Down (Original Mix)
8] Tilt - I Dream (Nicholas Bennison Remix)
9] Bjorn Akesson - Paper Dreams (Original Mix)
10] Funabashi & Saltwater - Legacy 2.0 (Alphazone Remix)
11] Peaktwins - Dreamer (Original Mix)
12] Ralph Novell - Wrong Love (Alphazone Remix)
13] Will Atkinson - Harvester (Original Mix)
14] Meteor Seven - Universal Music (Scot Project Remix)
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