Episode 131, this is 'The Legend' - I actually got it done, and nearly a month after the last episode! HUZZAHHHH!

It's a bit of an eclectic one, some old, some new and some right randomers - I have been feeling all the tracks, one in particular which isn't really Trance is Bicep - Glue. Its got some gorgeous uplift to it, and some incredibly oldskool vibes - almost melancholy, I like it though. I have even got a classic Tiesto track in there - from his some of his GREATEST days - admittedly this is the far superior Antillas version!

In usual fashion its a winder upper - from 122BPM to 142BPM - Progressive Trance through to Hard Trance - with some early 00's sounds to finish on.

Enjoy guys - be seeing you again soon! (Hopefully)


1] Virtual Self - Voices (Original Mix)

2] Sound Quelle & Michael Mashkov - Arffa (Extended Mix)

3] The Thrillseekers & Hydra - Amber (Vintage & Morelli Extended Remix)

4] Yotto - Wilderness Girl (Original Mix)

5] James Holden - Nothing 93 (Returning Mix)

6] Bicep - Glue (Original Mix)

7] Fred Baker & Y-Traxx - Mystery Land (Sickboy Courtyard Remix)

8] Ralphie B - Homestead (Extended Mix)

9] Tiesto Feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw - Just Be (Antillas Club Mix)

10] Goldenscan - Halcyon (Original Mix)

11] Quench - Dreams (Nicholson's Extended Cathedral Remix)

12] Activa - Meridian (Original Mix)

13] Marcelo Fratini & Luciano Martinez - Boomerang (Extended Mix)

14] Neal Scarborough - Stung On The River (Sean Tyas Remix)

15] Svenson & Gielen - We Know What You Did... (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)

16] Simon Patterson - Roll The Credits (Original Mix)

17] Basscannon - Prism (Original Mix)

18] Liam Wilson - Unit E2 (Extended Mix)

19] JOOP - Act Of God (Hard Trance Edit)

20] Pro-Tech - Dominating Power (Ultra Club Sounds Mix)

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