Annamh - the Irish word for rare, as I appreciate a podcast episode is a rare thing from me these days - so rare in fact that I missed out on my decad...View Details

Could it really have been named anything else? Subsequently I finally found some time to do another episode - its been, a very long time. So much has ...View Details

Merry Summermus to all - it has been quite a while since the last episode, I hope that everyone is completely ready for this one.  All shades of tran...View Details

Hello! Are you ready for a descent in to utter chaos? Well, here is the soundtrack to take you there in the form of my 137th episode. It isn't all di...View Details

Hey Hey! A bumper mix for you this time around - 30 tracks and 2 and half hours of solid Trance. I have gone full spectrum - starting at 124bpm and e...View Details

Hello!  It is FINALLY here - episode 135! Do you ever get tingles and chills when listening to Trance, or any music? I do, seriously; goosebumps galo...View Details

Welcome to Ra - namesake of the Egyptian Sun God as well, as it happens - one of my all time favourite tracks which I have finally got hold of via th...View Details

Hey hey! This is episode 133 - pure and utter trance for just over 2 hours. A great month for it in my opinion - so many great tracks about just now....View Details

This is episode 132, brought to you from a snowy London - its chilly out there so here is some Trance to warm those souls. A journey through progress...View Details

Episode 131, this is 'The Legend' - I actually got it done, and nearly a month after the last episode! HUZZAHHHH! It's a bit of an eclectic one, some...View Details

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